Above Below Within       .    Jai Ma! जय माँ   .                  Welcome to                Tantric Mandala

   A sojourning luxury bazaar and wellness sanctuary from Raleigh, North Carolina. A space for all peoples to feel safe to ground in a nurturing & authentic atmosphere. 
   An exotic bazaar known for mandala pottery, vegan apothecary, organic adaptogenic mushroom tinctures, ancient divination tools, yoni steams and geometric macrame. 
   1-1 coaching, psychedelic integration, elemental dance, ceremony, and grief circle are the foundation to Tantric Mandala’s wellness sanctuary. 
   As a North Carolina native with Cuban ancestral lines, mandala potter, urban farmer, wellness product maker, holistic health practitioner, psychedelic integration coach, life coach, ceremonialist, and loctitian, Anjali is revered as the mother of Tantric Mandala.
  Unearthing radiance from the symphony within messy natural mediums is the spine to Anjali’s crafting. Messy mediums such as clay, plant waxes, cotton textiles, wood, wild clay, botanical oils, and cording. She captures the delicate moment you as the viewer transcends from the soothing energy experienced while viewing geometric mandala patterns with radial balance on the surface of her wares. Her intention is to celebrate the vivid intricacies of divinity accessible within mess. 
   As a strong Cancer, home is Anjali’s favorite place on earth. Years ago, she made a choice that affected her home but saved her life. With radical intention, her home became a healing center, sanctuary, and temple. In grateful reciprocity for the benevolent occult intelligences within her home, Anjali offers quantum coaching and integration services to family around the world from within her favorite temple. 
   When in their presence, Tantric Mandala and Anjali both feel like home. 

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