Above.Below.Within       .     Jai Ma! जय माँ     .          .:₪.₪.₪.₪.₪.₪:.                  Welcome to                 Tantric Mandala  

                                                      ❍                                                             A sojourning luxury bazaar and wellness sanctuary birthed in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina. Tantric Mandala is a space for all peoples to feel safe to ground, in a nurturing  and authentic atmosphere.

    An exotic bazaar known for mandala art & pottery, vegan apothecary, organic adaptogenic mushroom tinctures, ancient divination tools, yoni steams, geometric macrame, rainbow prisms and the home-feeling aroma of burning cedar. 

    As a mandala heartist, illuminating the radiance within mess is the spine to Anjali’s crafting. Her intention is to enrapture you, as the viewer, inside a delicate moment of sacred pause, to experience the metaphysical medicine emitted by radially-balanced geometric mandalas on the surface of her wares.  She nurtures messy earthy mediums until they beam with vitality. 

     She achieves this by cellularly connecting her hands & presence with clay, plant waxes, cotton textiles, wood, fire, ash, crystals, metals, wild clay, botanical oils, rain water, and cording in an impenetrable helix of tantric creation insider her southern home studio. Anjali honors mess, as it teaches us the beauty within.  

    As a North Carolina native daughter with Cuban ancestral lines, Anjali is revered as the mother of Tantric Mandala. Her massively giving & resilient heart has gifted her a life path exploring mandala pottery, nutrition, urban farming, organic product making, ecastic dance, mushroom foraging, holistic health & detoxing, integration coaching, life coaching, ceremony, silent meditative backpacking and gathering both community and women’s-only circles.

    1-1 coaching, ceremony integration, elemental dance, comforting mental health talks, and grief circle are the foundation to Tantric Mandala’s wellness sanctuary. In grateful reciprocity for the benevolent occult spirits within her home, Anjali offers quantum coaching and integration services from within her favorite temple, as well as, revitalization retreats in the vortex nation of Sedona, Arizona. 

    When in their presence, Tantric Mandala and Anjali both feel like home. 


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