Mandala Mug

Mandala Mug


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Mandala Mug

Holds 16-20 fluid oz

Dishwasher & Microwave safe (although I recommend hand-washing all things handmade)

Made with High-Fire Moon White clay with Kyanite from Highwater Clays, fired to cone 6.

Shipped with compostable/biodegradable corn starch packing peanuts (they dissolve in water) and recyclable cardboard.

Unifying humanity is the spine to my pottery making.
I want my works to aid in healing, meditation, trance
induction, and to help maintain curious, open minds.
My approach to pottery stems from my spiritual practices.
I am journeying towards enlightenment through vegan nutrition,
meditation, yoga, pottery making, clay materials, urban homesteading, and design. I utilize intricate carving and inlay techniques on the surface of my mugs to create geometric mandala patterns with radial balance to symbolize the cosmic diagram of life.

As a small North Carolinian urban homesteader, I intentionally surround myself with the hand-grown and handmade. I live as self-reliably as I am able. Reducing my waste through composting, rain harvesting, up cycling, repurposing clay, and recycling helps me remain centered as an artist.

As a spiritual vegan potter, I have dedicated my life to animals, nutrition, self-discovery, and creating handmade objects.

Each Mandala mug is filled with loving light from my North Carolina home to yours.

Peace and love.