Mandala Ornament: VEGAN

Mandala Ornament: VEGAN


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Mandala Ornament: VEGAN

Hangs with cotton cord

Bohemian Sri Yantra motif (this not the exact Sri Yantra symbol)

Sri Yantra: the map of energies and creation

The king of all the yantras and mystical diagrams, Sri Yantra consists of nine interlocking triangles enveloped in a circle. Exactly in the center, there’s a dot (Bindu) which symbolizes the place where all the creative energies emerged

The symbol also represents the male and female energies via the four upright triangles (Shiva) and five downward triangles (shakti), respectively. When combined, all of these embody the inherent power of the cosmic forces and the oath of enlightenment. Its geometrical interpretation also intensifies an individual meditation experience

Each ornament has been smudged, blessed, and cleansed with a C-note root chakra-opening rainbow quartz crystal singing bowl sound bath