Mandala Mug

Mandala Mug


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Mandala Mug

Holds 16-20 fluid oz

Dishwasher & Microwave safe (although I recommend hand-washing all things handmade)

Made with high fire Moonwhite clay with Kyanite from Highwater Clays, fired to cone 6.

Shipped with compostable/biodegradable corn starch packing peanuts (they dissolve in water) and recyclable cardboard.

Deep breath in 1...2...3...4...
Deep breath out 1...2...3...4...

Harmonizing humanity is the spine to my pottery making.
I want my works to activate health, meditation, trance
induction, and to inspire curious, open minds.

My approach to pottery stems from my spiritual practices.
I am journeying towards enlightenment through vegan nutrition, psychedelic self-therapy, breathwork, studying tantra, meditation, yoga, dancing ecstatically, hula hooping, pottery making, urban homesteading, living holistically, crystal activations, and sound bathing.

I utilize intricate carving and inlay techniques on the surface of my mugs to create geometric mandala patterns with radial balance to symbolize the cosmic diagram of life.

As a small North Carolina urban homesteader, I intentionally surround myself with the plant-based, hand-grown and hand-made. I live as intentionally & self-reliably as I am able. Lovingly reducing my waste by growing some of my own food, composting, rain-harvesting, up-cycling, repurposing clay, and recycling all help me remain grounded.

As a spiritual vegan potter, I have dedicated my life to animals, nutrition, self-discovery, and creating handmade objects.

Each Mandala Mug has been smudged, blessed, and cleansed with a C-note root chakra-opening rainbow quartz crystal singing bowl sound bath.

Thus, each Mandala Mug is filled with loving juju from my North Carolina home to yours.

Peace and love,

Mother of Tantric Mandala

Deep breath in 1...2...3...4...
Deep breath out 1...2...3...4...